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I feel like such a cheeky bastard today – this is yesterdays look, I love matching fancy clothes like this awesome skirt with more rough clothing like the bomber and the fishnet croptop. Do you guys like it ? 

skirt from

Crop top – Bik Bok (old)

sneakers – converse

 Bomber – zara

Easy palett choices 


happy saturday babes. finally a free weekend full and I am really loving life right now! the sun was out all day and now it’s time for some wine and dine with bae. what are you guys doing tonigt?  

 white denim here,

bag here,

khaki green jacket find similar here

Hey baby.


A quick outfit post for this beautiful Friday night ! 

Skirt –

Shoes – Zara  

Bomber – Zara 

Top – Bik Bok 

My beauty favorites 

 I always say the older you get the more gorgeous you look. why? you fucking learn how to put yourself together. Some things I cannot live without are the beauty products above! 

1. my mac studio fix foundation. for you people who never entered the world of MAC, do it! this foundations is my life. Makes my skin looks flawless, and trust me I have a lot o flaws! get it HERE

2. Mac studio fix powder – the inishing touch to my foundation above. love love love this powder. get it here

3 and 4.  St-tropez face tan. I cannot believe I spent my hole lite tanning in a tanning salon when I could just buy these awesome self tan products from St.tropez. It doesn’t smell fake tan, it doesn’t feel sticky, it dries immidiatley and I get an even tan that’s just awesome. get it HERE

5. anastasia beverly hills dip brow. – bad brows? no more. my eyebrows are always on fleck thanks to this awesome dip brow. and one might think a pencil is easier but oh no ! this is so much easier. Get it here  

6.  My sigma makeup brushes. The best brushes to apply make up so far ! Get it HERE


Pretty pale purple

Finally had the weekend off and a little free time and I think the first moment I got Saturday and freshed up my nails. Love this light purple color, perfect match for this beautiful sunny spring we are having here in Sweden. Do you guys like it ? xo

I Love . . . 

Shower power ! I love these amazing shower and bubble bath cremes from the brand I love. .. The Mango papaya sent smells amazeballs and you feel so fresh and fruity after. These bottles are quite big and lasts a long long time. 

Kicks sells them for around 69kr for 500 ml ! Get it Here 

Todays look

Got myself some brand new dr martens ! Love these baby’s! So fresh and so cleans, I don’t wanna mess them up ! Short post and I love you guys ! 







hello beautiful people.

Right about now I should be studying but my mind just isn’t in to it, sometimes I feel like I’m studying just to feel like I’m doing something I should be doing at this point in my life. And all of these things in my head led me to think about some of your comments about me, how old I am? where I have traveled? and some other stuff about me, so I figured why not answer them all in one big ass venting post. Since I rarely give details about my life, maybe I should be more personal. so here it goes. 

My name is Madeleine Lizette Daniella Högberg-Bitici, I am at the moment 27 years old turning 28 this year and boy do that feel old. It only feels old because that’s what society thinks is considered old, Do you know what I mean? like at 28 you should have your life figured out, you should be having a good solid job and maybe a start of a family, haha I am the furthest thing from those thing and damn proud of it. I have no actual plans in life, I know that fashion is my talent and if I am lucky I can make a living out of it. So that’s just the hopes right now. other than that I wanna keep traveling the world and make memories that can never be replaced with anything. 

I moved from Stockholm to Helsingborg because my boyfriend moved back here to play football, at first i decided to stay in Stockholm but with him here and my two sisters in Malmö I just figured that life is to short to be apart from the people you love, and everything is temporary so I always wanna live in the now. I work at a Bik Bok store in Helsingborg and that keeps me happy enough and it pays the rent. 

when collecting pictures to this post I actually went through a lot of old pictures and it took me about 2 hours to get through and I just smiled the hole way thru, sometimes you need a little nostalgia to realize how lucky you are in life but also to be reminded of more beautiful things to do in life. 

So to the people who asked about my travels, I started traveling when I was 18, so about 10 years ago haha. Before Instagram and other popular social media sites. My first real ass trip was with my best friend Nanna, we saved are money right after graduation and went for a backpacking trip for about 3 months. We ent to Thailand, Australia and Bali. I really love all of these places, Thailand is so amazing and the people there are magic! Australia is without a doubt one of the greatest trips I’ve been on! magical country and magical environment and even more magical people. Bali has such great nature and is so so beautiful. 

2 years later I went on another trips for 3 months this time to Thailand, Malaysia and hong kong, And I really feel like when you do travel explore the countries! Read up before so you don’t miss anything amazing. After that I was still for a while at home, to small trips like Paris, London, Prag, Berlin, Milano, Turkey, Egypt, Greece than Thailand again and of course New york! WHAT A FREAKING CITY! EVERYBODY NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE IT!!  haha I love love love new york and I am so dying to get back there. 

then me and my sister took a 6 week vacation and went to Miami and Mexico, after that I went with my mom and 2 sisters to Jamaica and boy was that a freaking awesome trip? the people made me just chill down in life, I realized that the things i stress about is so not important to life in the end so I really feel like that trip just healed my soul with exaggerating.