head in the clouds

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morning babes. last night I dreamt of traveling, it’s been a while since a explored the world and I am so longing for days as a beach bum. The world is an magnificent place and most of us miss out o so much of it. Right now I am planning a vaccay with to of my oldest friends, praying we can put something together with the restricted dates we have to choose from. after that probably a bigger trips this winter. can’t wait. I don’t know if you guys follow Jay alvarrez or Alexis Ren on instagram, they are a couple that travel the world and some days I wish I did not follow them because of how grad their lives are. But it also gives me a kick in the butt to work harder to come a bit closer to that life. Watch their video I posted up here ! It’s amazing. 

Vaccay mood










I’m just sitting here contemplating my life and all the amazing stuff I did when I was younger. And I sure did a lot of traveling, and I so wanna do it again, just save u some money and leave everything for a while. A part of me says no baby girl you are way to old for that shit now! It’s time to grow up and be satisfied with vacation once or twice a year. The other part of me craves the adventure and experience that traveling gives you. I would die to go back to Australia again, one of my favorites countries in the entire world. So this post is just to help us dream away to a life filled with sunshine and happy moments. Enjoy!