Mirror case 

Hello. I just ordered the best thing for my phone on ebay, after breaking 2 screens the last year I realize that I might be a slippery fingered bastard and I need a case for my precious phone. So these mirror cases are perfect ! mirror + protection + style ?! holla !! you can find them Here. They are around 70 sek with shipping. 

Nike huarache 

 spitting fire fire firreee. : two new shoes in my collection, my new favorites Nike huarache color Hot Lava and Nike roshe runs. I got the both at www.footish.se if they are sold out you can probably find them on ebay

Knitted top


Currently obsessing over anything knitted or crochet , especially when it comes in  crop top choices . Of course I found exactly what I was looking for at boohoo.Com – go there and just search knitted to get all the awesome choices babes. happy sunday 

tumblr_npxhnl0N9h1sx7f9vo1_500 tumblr_npulnzB38L1s22fb3o1_500-2


morning babes. in Sweden its midsummer and I am free like most of the swedes are, hope the rest of you are enjoying your friday and longing for the weekend. so I just wanted to share my latest crush, dior sunglasses ! Love the ”so real” style and I would love a pair. I treat sunglasses like shit so investing 4000 sek on a pair is probably not a great idea for me. would you gys buy them? I’ll try to do a budget post on these sunnies this weekend. happy humpday

get them Here

metal mule

429097-0001_1 429097-0014_1-2


riktigt kär i dessa pärlorna, en tung klack med en tjusigare framsida. älskar Metal mule från NLY shoes // totally crushing on these babes, thick heel and a more feminine front. 

Get them here

Bondi sands tan




hello hello baby girls. So let’s talk tan! I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I have a freaking awesome tan now! to demonstrate I took before and after pictures as you can se above so that you guys can get the feel. At first I tried St.tropez tanning mousse, mostly because it is available in swedish stores like kicks and Åhlén so just easy access. St.tropex is a great tanning product no complains there but I felt like the color wasn’t dark enough for me, so I decided to try Australian made Bondi Sands. I love Australia so why not try a product from the most awesome place in the world ?!

So I ordered the tanning mousse dark 200 ml and a face tan and the mit you need to apply the tan, altogheter with shipping the price came to around 400 kr. As for St.tropez I had to pay 299 kr for the tanning mousse 120 ml and 299 more for the tanning face cream and 60 kr for the applying mit, so St.tropez is much higher in price.

So the package arrived yesterday and it only took around 5 business days to ship from Australia here and oh my gosh was it worth the wait! this tanning mousse is so amazing, it doesn’t smell like tanning product smells it just smells like coconut and it’s so easy to apply. It dries in 30 seconds and I can just get dressed and start my day without stinking. And the color is not orange or green or anything shady it is just a fabulous tanned color. I cannot tell you how happy I am to always be tanned and never have to use a tanning bed and destroy my skin.

The tan usually last for 5-7 days and it only takes 5 min to apply. trust me lovers you should all try it ! check some youtube videos out or just visits the website HERE